Nepal Herbs Ayurveda Expo 2018

May 04 Kathmandu

Nepal Herbs Ayurveda Expo, 2018 is one of the major initiatives of NEHHPA. NEHHPA from last 6 year is co-organizing the trade fair in collaboration with FNCCI. The Herbs pavilion was the successful event during all the previous trade fair. With this faith, NEHHPA is going to organize Nepal Herbs Ayurveda Expo 2018 for the seventh time.

This expo will bring together a wide range of herbs and herbs related products which are known to all as well as explore the new product among the consumers and buyers. The diverse SMEs in herbs sector will be gathered from all over the Nepal and bring the processed, crude and refined products of both the herbs and agro.  The long term vision of this trade fair is to make visitors, students and consumers known about herbs available at local level of Nepal as well as give the identity to the herbs to all the consumers and encourage people to live a healthy life with our own natural and local products.