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Nepali khaja Set

Delicious Nepali Food

Nepali khaja Set

Nepali food is known as the combination of Tibetan and Indian food which is wrongly spreading all over the world. Nepali food has got some impact of Tibetan and Indian food but we can’t say that Nepali food is similar to both the nations.

Nepalese food possesses the most delicious and unique style of taste. The varieties of ingredients it has are not common and used in all types of food. Nepalese food is not only rich in its taste but reflects the wide variety of culture and traditions.

There are many herbs and spices such as timbur, jimbu which are not seen nor found in either Tibetan or Indian cooking. Dhindo, gundruk, lentil stews, bamboo shoots, yomari, sel-roti, sukuti are some of dishes which are originated by Nepali. The most popular dish momo which is originated from Tibet has got Nepali impact and is served by Nepali way in Nepal.



Newari khaja set

Newari khaja set