Tattoos goes a long way back in Nepal. The history of Nepal claims that people of Nepal have been the part of this phenomenal culture to preserve the cultural and social aspects of the ancestors.

However, presently tattoo culture of Nepal has a great influence from the western culture too, making the local artist a perfect blend of both east and west. Many Nepalese artists have been internationally renowned for their artistic work and creativity. For sure Nepal is a very affordable and a special place for getting inked.


Xhead Tattoo Inn

Xhead Tattoo Inn, Pokhara, Nepal is mostly interested in doing dot works, geometric tattoos, mandalas and realistic works ,,...

Gagan’s Tattoo Inn, Pokhara

“Gagan’s tattoo inn” was established in 2005 A.D in Lakeside, Pokhara.“Gagan’s tattoo inn” is the best tattoo in Nepal....