If you’re a fitness freak and are planning to stay in a particular place for a while, then you certainly wish to keep your body in shape.

Gym or health clubs in Nepal offer quite a number of facilities and services that cost differently at different levels of services. Some services have levels for regular, pro, platinum and gold facilities. Some of the health and fitness facilities use cardio equipment, fitness screening, resistant equipment, pro shop, sun-bed, health spa and sauna as well.


Bonzer Fitness & Health Club (El Bonzer Club de Fitness)

Nothing will work unless you do..

Muscle World Gym & Fitness Center

This is a good place for fitness purpose. It gives you facilities like gym, Zumba, aerobic and many more...

Shubha Fitness Club & Spa Pvt Ltd

To enjoy the glow of goods health, you must exercises..

The Golds Gym

It’s not about perfect , it’s abut effort..

Butwal Fitness and Gym

Fitness isn’t a punishment it’s a blessing..

Brothers Fitness Club

Train like you’re sponsored by Nike…

Ith Gym

Im proudly addicted to becoming stronger..

Dharan Fitness Club

Slow progress is better then no progress..

Ajima Physical Fitness

Fitness is not being better than anyone els but being better than you used to be.Every one should engage...

Universal Physical Fitness

When Nothing goes right GO LIFT.Every one should engage in regular physical activity to improve overall health and reduce...

Kathmandu Fitness Centre

WORK OUT EAT WELL BE PATIENT Your body will reward you. A fitness centre located in the city of...

Fitness Nepal

Every one should engage in regular physical activity to improve overall health and reduce risk of many health related...