Nepal Tourism

Nishum Subba

The government of Nepal has added 3 years more on the Nepal Tourism Year i.e. until 2020. We warmly offer the people of worldwide to visit our country “Nepal”. Like everyone knows, Nepal is a beautiful country with snow covered mountains, sizzling thrill of adventure, birthplace of “Gautam Buddha” and Hindu goddess “Sita”. For many tourists who have been to Nepal already, there is a real feeling of supporting the people and the economy by going back and encouraging others to become converts. I think foreigners really respond to that, which is possibly one of the reasons that this landlocked mountainous kingdom regularly features on the holiday destination lists. In terms of the mix of culture, access to adventure tourism, mountains, traditional locations and the national character, Nepal is pretty unrivalled and there’s nowhere quite like it. For those in the know, Nepal has always been a top destination for once-in-a-lifetime holidays, but only now is it possibly on the cusp of something bigger.