Festivals you can enjoy in Nepal

Nishum Subba

Nepal is a multi-cultural nation. We Nepalese are rich in language, ethnicity, diversity and cultural heritage. Nepal is a place of celebration and festivals which is connected with religion, tradition and social events. Nepal has festivals an almost full year in one or other communities. The best part about the festivals in Nepal is that all the events are celebrated with the same enthusiasm and galore the way it used to be hundreds of years ago when people had no other means of entertainment.

Dashain festival is the longest and considered to be the most important festival of Nepal. Dipawali(Tihar) brings the same joy to Nepalese people. Other important festivals are Losar, Buddha Jayanti, Chhat Parba, X-mas, Ramadan and much more. Maha Shivaratri, Janai Purnima (Rakhsya Bandhan), Krishna Janmashtami, Ram Nawami and so many festivals are of utmost importance.

M0st of the festivals and events including marriage ceremony are celebrated with music and songs. Music is integral part of celebrations. National celebrations like Democracy day, Republic day, Ghode Jatra, Gai Jatra are celebrated with possessions and demonstration.