Chitwan Jungle Safari

Nishum Subba

Nepal’s first national park, Chitwan national park is located in the in the southwestern part of Province No.3 with Bharatpur, the fourth largest city of Nepal, as its district headquarters. People living in Chitwan are mostly Tharus, so you can get to know many things influenced by their community. UNESCO designated Chitwan National Park as a Natural World Heritage Site in 1984. Either you want to ride on an elephant or take a jeep safari it depends on you . For instance, the ride on the back of an elephant is an exciting way to explore the jungle’s wildlife from a safe, elevated position. It also offers the close-up sight of the one-horn rhino in its natural habitat, numerous species of deer, langur monkeys, wild boar etc. Over 400 bird species, either as permanent residents or migratory visitors, can be viewed on foot in the jungle and open grassland while on bird watching and walking tours there as a part of Chitwan adventure trip. Canoe rides along Rapti River on the western side of the Chitwan National park offers the fantastic experience of viewing a quarter of the world’s remaining Gharial population which shelter under its banks. This fish eating crocodile has long been hunted for the supposed aphrodisiac qualities of its snout.